Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By hiring and utilizing our services, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms listed. The client agrees to be the party responsible for full payment, communication, upholding this agreement and satisfaction guarantee procedures. Third party involvement is not recognized by Just Peachy Clean, LLC.

We may revise these terms or policies from time to time in an effort to better your experience with our company. The revised version will be effective at the time of posting, unless otherwise noted. If our changes impact your scheduled cleaning services, we will provide notice of such changes to the email address you have on file. Continuing to use our services after any changes will be documented as agreement with said terms.

🧍🏻‍♀️-We value our employees and pour an enormous amount of time, energy and, expense into our screening, hiring, and training processes. We work hard at JUST PEACHY CLEAN to have a low employee turnover rate. This agreement helps safeguard our success at providing only the best staff to our deserving customers. Sadly, some people want quality without paying for it and attempt to undercut our efforts by trying to “poach” our employees. It is for this reason that our customers AND employees agree to our “unfair solicitation agreement”. This helps to minimize the risk of unfair solicitation which undermines the good experience all our clients have come to expect. Please help us maintain our extraordinary success by not soliciting our employees for hire directly.

-I understand that I will be charged a $2500 finder’s fee if I hire a Cleaning Tech employed by JUST PEACHY CLEAN on an individual basis for private work. -I understand that solicitation of a JUST PEACHY CLEAN employee for private hire will result in permanent termination of service and forfeiture of any unused gift cards as well as the $2500 fee.

-I understand that JUST PEACHY CLEAN employees are not allowed to engage in a work relationship directly with me for one full year after employment termination.

🐶-I understand that JUST PEACHY CLEAN does not remove pet messes or biohazard messes (including kitty litter).

🛋️-I understand that JUST PEACHY CLEAN can not move furniture, hand wipe knickknacks, or hand wipe cluttered shelves due to liability issues. Surfaces 80% or more cluttered will be cleaned around make best use of our time in for home.

🧹-I understand that I must provide a lightweight vacuum for JUST PEACHY CLEAN’s tech to use in my home. This prevents cross contamination of allergens, germs, pet hair and dirt (except in the instance of move in/move out cleans).

📸-I understand that JUST PEACHY CLEAN may take before and after photos for my client file. Photos will not be shared or made public without my consent.

🚰-I understand that if the home is cluttered and has dishes in the sink the day of the clean that JUST PEACHY CLEAN technicians will do their best to work around, however this may add time to the job and we have to invoice accordingly. You can always add on a tidy up package through your client portal. We do not currently offer organizing.

🫧-I understand that JUST PEACHY CLEAN uses a microfiber mopping system and that they do recommend that I have my hard floors deep cleaned by a professional hard flooring cleaning service once or twice a year. I understand that it is the equivalent of vacuuming carpets versus having them professionally shampooed.

💰-I understand that I may be billed a 50% partial fee for failing to provide access to the home upon arrival if we are unable to get in to clean or are turned away at the door.

📆-I understand that I may be charged up to a 50% partial fee if I cancel service with less than 36 hours notice (weekends do not count towards the 36 hours), exceptions will be reviewed on a case by case manor.

💳-I understand that any deposits collected are non-refundable and final payment is due at the time of service. My credit card number will be securely retained for final payment of balances. If payment is not received within 36 hours, I understand there will be a $15 late fee.

🔑Access to your home: We must assess a 50% fee when you don’t leave access to your home the day of service. There are no exceptions after the first incident.

🧾-I understand that Just Peachy Clean does not offer refunds. We reclean until satisfied.

💲-Tipping: is greatly appreciated but not required. A suggested tipping range is 10 to 15% of the fee before sales tax. Call our office if you wish to add tipping to your credit card payments.

⬆️-Rate Increases: We reserve the right to raise our rates at anytime. You will be given advance notice of a price increase.

👧🏻-We do our best to work safely but we recommend that children are out of the area where we are cleaning. We may be working with equipment and products that are not safe for them.

🐕-Please secure any pet who may get overanxious or stressed or be a threat. We can not enter a home with a snarling pet. Please know that we can not clean up after sick pets or clean up any pet accidents including kitty litter.

⏱️-We have a satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with your clean, please contact the office and we will do our best to send someone back within 24 hours (unless it falls over a weekend). We do not offer refunds.

💔-Sometimes breakage occurs when items are unstable or unsecured: pictures not hung securely, top heavy items with unstable bases, wobbly/tippy objects. We can not take responsibility for such items. Value must be verified for any item over $25. In some cases, we may have the broken or damaged item repaired by a professional restoration company.

🛑-Things we are not able to do: We are not able to move furniture, we are not able to clean up pet messes or any biohazard messes. We can’t clean houses with live pests (roaches, bed bugs, rats, fleas, etc.) or unsafe environments (aggressive pets or people, visible black mold, active construction, biohazard messes including kitty litter). We can not clean without water and/or electricity.